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At Speak Geek, we use the most advanced remote computer repair technology in the industry. Our core competency is to link in to your computer,

using state of the art systems, all while you watch.

Did you know that 97% of all personal computer issues and malfunctions are software related? Therefore, taking your machine into a shop is unnecessary.

Since the issue is more then likely not hardware related, remote repair is the better option.. It’s all virtual and remote.

Speak Geek services :

Boost the performance of your PC or Laptop

Free up memory and disk space by getting rid of unwanted start-ups and junk

Uninstall and eradicate unnecessary software

Perform more than 100 carefully selected tweaks to make your computer run like new again

Benefits of our service :

No waiting for your machine to be fixed.

No driving down to the repair shop.

No delays, our service is instant.